Questlog 0.23 – Small improvements

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

Hi there! 

I’m currently ill, so this is just a short update. I made most of it in the last week when I still was okay, but as there are some smaller fixes and two annoyances I wanted to push it out now instead of waiting for bigger update.

The “highlights” are a completely new footer with some useful links. Instead of the three small lines with questionable usefulness there’s now a proper footer with links that help you to navigate Questlog.

I also fixed an annoying big where the arrow navigation in the search suggestion confused the order of the results sometimes. 

Also something that bothered me personally: If a game got a new image, the image versions used for listings, playlists and so on didn’t get deleted. So it was possible to see different images for the same game depending on the context. That’s fixed now. I just have to delete all image versions so they can get regenerated. 😅

The full changelog with more changes follows.



  • New Footer with useful links


  • Remove duplicate code for section titles and unify their look
  • Unify gaps between games, reviews and playlists
  • The new and coming soon section now only shows games that already have a cover image
  • Changed naming for site-wide CSS components to have the prefix site- to reduce confusion (only relevant if you have custom CSS for Questlog via an extension or so)
  • Remove c- prefix from all CSS components (only relevant if you have custom CSS for Questlog via an extension or so)


  • Change spacing from rem to pixel


  • Hide empty sections on game pages
  • When updating an image all image versions now are deleted
  • Content pages now have an alternative layout again
  • The share button is now correctly sized again
  • Remove corner radius of meta info in playlists on a game page when there should be none
  • The order of the arrow navigation in the search suggestion is now correct even if the results changed
  • The spacing under playlist and status descriptions is now correct