A new place for updates about Questlog

Hi there! It’s nothing fancy yet but it’s not Ko-fi anymore. I still use it if you want to support Questlog at any point but I wanted to move the posts out of there. Let me explain why.

There are many reasons for this. First of all: I have not much control over my content. In many ways. Styling is extremely limited. Semantic and therefore Accessibility too and if Ko-fi one day decides to shut down every post I wrote is gone. So I’ll move posts from there over to this blog too. (The Changelog is already there)

But I also wanted to have my own place to write stuff for you. I used to have a blog for many years in German (it still exists) but stopped writing some time ago as I pressured myself a lot when it got many visitors. Burnout on private projects is pretty much the worst thing that can happen.

But I’m straying from the topic… (As usual)

I want to write updates as before. But I also want to share a bit more about Questlog and the background in the future. I have no real plans yet as this is a huge contributor to burnout for me in private projects but I now have the option without putting it on a platform that isn’t mine.

Also if you want to read about updates you had to go to Ko-fi until now. So every tracker they have will track you. I will run this blog the same as Questlog runs: No trackers, no analytics, nothing. I don’t care if 10 oder 1,000 people read this. I know this is pretty dumb for optimization purposes but who the heck cares?

Questlog is a free hobby project from me for me and obviously now for you too as I have more than 15 times more users than I initially thought I would have after one year. Yes, Questlog reaches one year tomorrow and as this week was an absolute horror and I had no free minute to develop a feature I wanted to drop to this anniversary I do a blog now.

I’ll give you more numbers on the anniversary tomorrow in a separate post as this is a “short” post just to say, everything will be here now.

And yes: This is probably the lowest effort blog for a project you ever saw. I just installed WordPress, changed the color of the background and uploaded my logo. I could have made it “perfect”. But let’s be honest… Then this blog would never happen. For about a year I checked apps that weren’t WordPress just so I have more control… But do I need it? And the fact that WordPress has an ActivityPub plugin now was the deciding factor in the end.

But the Fediverse (and Mastodon in particular) has helped Questlog to grow. Much larger than I’ve ever hoped (Not in a year, in general. I never thought more than 20 people would ever sign up). Anyway, this is getting to long already. I’ll keep you updated on what happens here soon. I just have to learn how WordPress changed all theses years and how I can use the new features to focus on content and not on optimization of everything as I used to.