Questlog 0.22 — Release dates for platforms and new Server

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

Hi there! I just pushed a new release. Or let me say I had to. I wanted to make a bigger release for 0.22 but as I work with Git and all my changes are on the main branch already the server migration “forced” me to release it now. So only two features but a load of improvements. 

Release dates per platform

The first one is the release date of every game on the platform like you probably saw on Mastodon ( already:

You can now see the release date for every platform!

It was confusing sometimes when a game was announced for a specific platform you look at Questlog and then you saw an old date. That’s not a problem anymore, as I added these dates. Or better say, I added the possibility for these dates. But I just have to crawl them, so for some games they’re already there for other games it will take some time. But if it runs as fast as last time it should be done in 1-2 days.

Better use of the play status — Work in progress

The second feature is part of something bigger I wanted to release. But it was a quick win and already done so it was deployed with the server migration. Collections on the front page for most wanted and most played games. Based an the “Want to play” and “Playing” status. I have a bit more planned here, but the server migration was more spontaneous than I thought. So for now you have the 9 most played games and 9 most wanted games. So you can maybe discover something you missed. More is planned here definitely.

New Server!

Now to the server migration. When I started Questlog I thought that maybe 5-10 people would use it with me. Well, Questlog now has over 150 users and you logged about 12.000 games. 5.500 are on playlists right now. This is much more than I ever could dream of. So well… The page was a bit slow And we already used about 70% server space. (Images for over 200,000 games need a bit space, as it turned out.)

So a new server is here. It’s faster, bigger and scalable. So if we reach 200 or 300 users I can add CPU cores as I need them. Also there is much more disk space so I can add features that can make use of this new unused space. 

Besides that I optimized the design a bit and made a few Accessiblity-Updates that will help vision impaired people to navigate Questlog better.

The unfiltered changelog is as always under this paragraph.



  • Every platform now shows their own release date on the game page
  • Add collections of games for most wanted and most played to the home page


  • Move platforms on the game pages up
  • Separated the review info from the release date on the game page
  • Changed “Wiki” to “Game-Wiki” in websites to make it more distinct to “Wikipedia”
  • The release date under the game cover is now correctly labelled as “First release”
  • Change the style and position of the review section in the game sidebar
  • The icon size for action buttons is now consistent
  • Reduced DOM elements and improved semantic of HTML
  • Cleaned up some code


  • Remove unnecessary alt attributes for decorative image so screen readers don’t have to read them
  • Headlines on the game page are now properly ordered
  • Font-sizes now use rem instead of px to make them scale better with assistive technologies
  • Spacings between and in elements are now using px instead of rem to make them scale better with assistive technologies (More room for content, but a bit worse design on higher font-sizes)


  • When a game is reviewed the review score gets now updated instantly
  • The overscroll color is now the header color (Touchpad Navigation)