Questlog 0.21 — Some small improvements

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

Not every update has to be big. This one is mainly to improve the systems in the background. But one small noticeable change made to the front end. A share button if you access Questlog as a web app.

Share it!

That’s something I missed myself as I use Questlog on my iPhone as a web app (Add to Homescreen). In this mode the browser frame i missing so theres no option to share a game from the page itself (you can still long press on links and share it there).

It’s a first try to make Questlog feel more like an app as I don’t have the intention yet to create a dedicated app. There’s just no need (And who likes these »Try this website as an app!« banners anyways?)

Besides that the typography got another small update. And I fixed some auto update scripts in background that failed after an API change of the IGDB. Here’s the unfiltered changelog:



  • Add a share button if Questlog is opened as an web app


  • Improved typography in multiple places
  • Updated some dependencies


  • Studios now get fetched again correctly
  • If a game is updated and should get a new cover image that’s now updated correctly too