Questlog 0.20 – Make it more accessible

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

Accessibility is a huge topic and to met every bit is extremely hard. But Questlog had some parts that were plain inaccessible or just could be a bit better. So this update is not as exciting for most of you as others but it will make Questlog better for everyone.

One bigger part is a new font. The previous fonts were okay and especially the headline font was one I really liked initially. But both fonts weren’t really accessible. Write a word like ‘Ill’ and just see three lines? Not really awesome. But also the smaller g and q weren’t as distinguishable as they could be. Anyways the new font is much more accessible and increases the readability a lot. I also reduced the number of font-weights and tweaked the used ones here and there.

An update I pushed out as 0.19.1″silently” was in a broader way about accessibility too. When a game changes it’s name (this happens all the time during development) that I had to make a decision. Change the URL and lose old links or let the URL name differ. Both is not good so I added a function that creates redirects for every name change. So if you bookmark or share a game that got just announced and the name changes before release the link will still be valid.

As I said not as exciting but many changes in the background that make Questlog easier to use. As always, here is the unfiltered changelog.



  • When a game is renamed and it’s url changes a redirect is now created
  • It’s now possible to set a status via keyboard with 1-5 when the dialog is open (Remove the status via 0 or ^)
  • It’s now possible to quick select a playlist via 6-8 if available, when the play status dialog is open


  • The logo is now an actual SVG instead of an SVG and rendered text
  • Improved the styling of dropdown menus
  • Added Ko‑fi link to responsive navigation
  • Changed font from Mona Sans to Public Sans
  • Based on this changed font weights and sizes in multiple places
  • Moved the Close-Button of modals a bit more to the right
  • Every instance of a status icon now has a slight drop-shadow
  • Changed the size of the date info in game cards
  • The ranked checkbox for playlists is now a bit more highlighted in the playlist edit form
  • Cleaned up login, register and password forgot form
  • Optimized Open Graph content for playlists and reviews
  • Increased maximum description length for playlists to 1000 instead of 300 characters
  • The description of playlists now can have line breaks


  • The hamburger button on mobile now has a title
  • Click-/Tap-Targets increased for action buttons, like buttons, playlist authors, dates on playlists and reviews and website links on game pages
  • The play status selection now always shows the icon of the status instead of the gamepad icon
  • When the status selection is closed the focus is set to the button that initiated the click
  • Improved focus styles for list items


  • Empty playlists aren’t visible in the playlist overview anymore
  • Studios are now available as filter when searching
  • Fixed the color on hover/focus state for platforms on ranked playlists