Questlog 0.19 – You will like that!

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

The release of version 0.18 wasn’t long ago but this one was significant. Not only because of a long requested feature but also because of a post on Mastodon. That were pretty much exactly my thoughts after I discovered a pretty neat playlist that shows games that are played Best on the Steam Deck. I wanted to save it to look at it later. But I can’t because I never developed this feature. So… I started to do it. 😅Funfact: The playlist is from the person from that Mastodon post.

Like playlists and reviews!

I always wanted to have an online community. I tried multiple times but more than 10-20 users was never possible. Now Questlog reaches 150 users soon and it suddenly becomes a community. At least a bit. Users always were able to interact with Questlog, that’s the whole base concept. But they were never able to interact with each other. This is now partly possible.

You really like someone’s review to a game? Show them and click that cute little heart icon! The horror playlist you just discovered is greatly assembled? Like it!

But it’s not just some kind of thank you for the user of the element you just liked. You have a special place not where all your likes are collected. So you can always look after your favorite playlists after you finished a game. And I can always find more games to install and never play on my Steam Deck. Isn’t this awesome? And yes: Only you can see what you’ve liked. In the future there will be a setting for this, but this will be part of another bigger update.

This is just the first set of features regarding these new like feature. I have some more ideas and based on the fact that the last two updates were powered by your ideas, I’m eager to hear what you would like to see next.

Firefox users got some love

Google is evil. This isn’t something new or surprising but it has shown recently again. Chrome users got an exciting new feature: Even worse privacy and more personalized apps. As the bubble around me switches finally away from Chromium based browsers, Safari and Firefox are getting more love recently.

So I took the time and built around some limitations of Firefox to deliver all of you the same experience as the other two browsers get. Questlog shouldn’t just look better on Firefox now it should even run better.

If you find anything that’s still off, just let me know. I tested the page in Firefox but I mostly use it on my iPhone for myself so I might have missed something.

Beta baby!

As the first feature landed that was never planned initially I think it’s a good time to leave the Alpha and change the label to beta. Wohoo! Questlog launched on January 22th in Alpha and has greatly improved since then with now 19 bigger updates. Most of them were formed thanks to your feedback and I really love this.

I have a vision for Questlog but only together we can make it real. One person can only do so much. But as a community we probably could make the best game tracking website/community out there.

Thank you for using Questlog and make my life a bit better. 💚🎮

As always, here’s the unfiltered changelog.



  • Added option to like playlists and reviews
  • Added new private pages to view your likes


  • Added new game titles for the randomized search placeholder based on the most finished games on Questlog
  • Changed the design of the “You have to login” message to be more subtle and integrated in the page layout
  • Added missing empty state for the playlists index page of users
  • Game titles in reviews are now smaller and can have to lines
  • Changed the way the game count is displayed on playlist items
  • Unified some background and text colors across games, reviews and playlists
  • Removed the split background color of the page and gave the header a distinct color instead
  • Changed many button stylings to fit with the new background styling
  • Changed the design of reviews to fit every info better
  • Greatly improved cache handling on game pages
  • Reviews are now always linked to their detail page via the date
  • The date of a review is now always visible
  • Improved database performance a bit
  • Firefox: The playlist selection and status selection now have a blurred background as every other browser


  • The last game from similar games isn’t removed anymore
  • If an image isn’t received from server correctly the placeholder image is now shown instead of a broken image
  • When clicking/tapping a playlist twice very fast while you try to add it to a playlist there won’t be an error anymore
  • Game cards on ranked playlists now have the same background color as other game cards
  • Firefox/Safari: Reduced flickering of game cards on hover
  • Firefox: The native autocomplete now doesn’t annoy you anymore when the search suggestion is open
  • Firefox: Action buttons now have proper spacing when a label is present
  • Firefox: Improved font rendering