Questlog 0.17 — Studios

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

Hi there, a while ago I teased on Mastodon that Questlog will have studios soon. That’s the term I collect developers and publishers under. I have considered company instead of studio as other pages do but I don’t think this really fits. Indie devs often are one or two people. They call themselves studio but aren’t a company. So I went with studio instead. And it sounds cooler and less corpo.

But what I wanted to say is: Studios are live! It’s nothing exciting honestly but I was annoyed myself when I saw an awesome game and needed to leave Questlog to find other games of the studio. So I wanted to add developers and publishers so I can filter after them. Yep right: You have a new awesome filter on Questlog to filter even better for what you’re looking for. I know you love filters. (Thanks for the feedback!)

Besides filters you find studios in the game meta section. In this example it’s from the game Dishonored (Awesome game, you should play it!).

Game meta section of Dishonored.

Studios aren’t really fancy yet. But they’re useful and I can expand this further later on. The next planned update is focused on playlists (Yes Steph, now really 😁). Sorting, Ranking-Lists and whatever comes to my mind while developing. 

Important note: The performance of Questlog is currently a bit reduced because of the new feature. Studios are added and every new Studio adds missing games to the database. And every game has probably a studios that isn’t in the database. And so on. So this will need a bit time, but will increase the database massively. As of writing this the update is 22 minutes old and 5,800 new games have been added already (Daily average is 200-300 games based on some automatisms and your searches).

As always here’s the unfiltered changelog.


  • When a game is added and the studio is unknown it gets fetched now
  • Added option to filter for studios
  • Studios are now listed in game meta
  • Filters and dark badges aren’t rounded as much anymore to avoid visual problems when many filters are set
  • Improved performance on the homepage