Questlog 0.15 — Alternative game names are here!

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

I think we all know that Resident Evil is called Biohazard in Japan. But did you know that Fatal Frame is called Project Zero in Europe? You definitely noticed when you searched for the games of this horror series because in Questlog most of the time the titles are the US titles because the source is the IGDB. You were never able to find Project Zero if you searched for the term. 

That time is over! The Questlog database now holds many possible alternative names. From localized games to acronyms or short version over to public project titles or previous names. Many versions are there and searchable.

So if you now search for Project Zero it will look like this. The Fatal Frame games will appear in the search suggestion and in the search listing.

And when you’re on a game page you now have an info icon next to the name. If you hover (or on mobile tap) the icon a tooltip will open and shows you every alternative name that is in the Questlog database for this game.

Attentive readers will have noticed, that the status and playlist icon is not next to the title anymore. That’s right! The place got a bit crowded, so I took the opportunity to redesign the game page a little bit. 

The action buttons are now directly under the game image that is now a bit smaller on mobile because it took so much space especially on review pages. Hm… it should probably now zoomable right? I’ll write me a ticket for that! 

As always here is the full changelog:

  • feat: Alternative names are now fetched for every game
  • feat: Added tooltip for alternative names
  • feat: The alternative names are now part of the search index
  • style: Changed the postion of the game page actions so they’re now are directly on the game image
  • style: The game image is now a bit smaller on mobile
  • style: Moved parent box over the description instead of over the whole game page
  • a11y: The status and playlist buttons now have labels
  • fix: Added missing games index link to the breadcrumb of review pages
  • fix: The game image now has no rounded corners anymore in the game cards