Questlog 0.14 — Small update on images

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

Hi there!  The last weeks were a bit slow on the update front. Most things were a bit refactoring in the background. Nothing exciting for you. 

Now there was a refactoring that definitely will be noticed. The images should now load much faster and the traffic will go down a lot as images now are loaded properly sized.  Before that especially your avatars were just full size. So if you uploaded a 2MB avatar it was loaded even when it was only visible in 32×32 Pixels. That’s not the case anymore.  

Look at this Lighthouse report! 😀

Before that update it looked like this:

Focus on privacy

As always the focus is here on privacy too. I could have used something like Cloudflares automatic image resizing or use a provider like Imgix. But this would mean that these companies would know what images you request. 

Questlog doesn’t request any third parties yet from the frontend. This means more work for me but I have full control who gets access to the data (Spoiler: Nobody). I also learned a bit about image generation and routing in Laravel apps while I worked on this enhancement.

Future Updates of Questlog

On another topic: Updates for Questlog in general. You’ll probably have noticed that nothing big happened the last weeks. That was because I stressed myself to create the best possible game tracking website for you. I got a bit hyped because of your overwhelmingly positive feedback and tried to make plans. 

But then I realized that this not fun anymore. Questlog is supposed to be a side project for me to relax and learn new stuff. And to track my own gaming stuff 😀 I still appreciate feedback and I’m glad you have improved Questlog already with your suggestions. But I probably won’t make fix plans for what comes when. 

High priority is still the playlist update for ranked lists etc. and a much better profile. But there are many quick wins like this image optimizations or getting publishers and developers on games. So I will focus on smaller stuff for a while and will drop something bigger from time to time. I hope that’s not too annoying for you.

Thanks for the great support so far!