Questlog 0.16 — Just a little bit of convenience

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

Hi there! I just dropped a little update for Questlog. This time no big features are included, but some smaller ones, that catched my eyes or were reported by you.

As always I’ll go into detail for some changes. The full changelog is at the bottom of this post.

Improved keyboard navigation

One little extra is the updated search suggestion. You always could use the Tab key to navigate through the results. But that selected the remove button first, then the search button and then the first result. Usable but inconvenient. Now you can just use the up and down arrows to navigate quickly. Tab navigation is still in place and after you selected one via the error keys you can simply press tab to get to the status button for this game.

Persistent playlist urls

You’ll probably have seen that in your url for any playlist is a little random string at the end. The first thought was, that playlists with the same name could exists like this easily. Many of you have a playlist named simply “Favorite games” and that shouldn’t collide. The current way playlist urls are handled this never could happen except for your own playlists. But this short part could serve another handy purpose: Persistance.

When you changed the name of a playlist this little random string changed too. This was pretty irrelevant when you handled the playlists yourself. But if you’re sharing your playlist and change the name later the url should still function right? Now it does. 

The random string is now unique and will never change. If I change my “Portal is awesome!”-Playlist to “Portal is fantastic!” the url will change but old urls will redirect.–e1hqq brings you to the same location as–e1hqq and I think thats important.

Improvements in 2FA

When you use two factor authentication (you really should everywhere, where it’s possible) it worked in the past. But there were two little things that should’ve fixed a while ago. The first thing was a convenience issue. One Last Pass user gave me the feedback that he couldn’t use the QR code with the Last Pass browser extension and he had to use an external device.

I would never use my password manager for handling my passwords AND my 2FA codes as this destroys the purpose for me. But for less critical pages (and Questlog probably is) this is a valid use case. So under the QR code is now the OTP-URL to copy and easily add it to your favorite 2FA-App.

The second issue could become an issue pretty fast. After you clicked »Activate« in the account settings 2FA was active. If you never set it up correctly in your 2FA-App you lost access to your account. Now you have to confirm with one 2FA-Code before it gets activated.


That’s it for the “bigger” small changes. Here’s the full changelog as usual:


  • The rating stars on the game show page are now linked to the game reviews overview
  • Added keyboard navigation to search suggestion
  • Added Tests for playlists
  • It’s now mandatory to confirm the 2FA process with a valid code
  • Under the QR code is now the OTP url if the code can’t be scanned


  • Playlists now have a fixed identifier, so the URL is always valid even when the name changes
  • Improved image formats for some images
  • Changed the handling of some assets
  • Inputs in the account settings are now better visible
  • Added default Open Graph image (The one you see at the top)


  • The message, if a playlist is private now is shown again
  • It’s not possible to access some uncritical admin routes anymore

I want to address the last point quickly: That was not a security issue. I just have some debug routes to fetch new games, genres etc. For the games the same thing happens when you search in Questlog. But the fetch routes that were accessible weren’t asynchronously so you could spam the server with these request an slow down Questlog. Nothing critical but I should’ve fixed this long ago. 😅