Questlog 0.9 — A little update for the reviews

This article was originally published on Ko-Fi and may have been modified slightly.

Hi there, I just pushed a new update to account for your unexpected wish to review some games. I really thought I have a few weeks for the update but you all posted reviews like real gamers! 😀 

The reviews were much longer than I expected too so the little “last reviews” section on the front page was “a bit” broken. But this ends now! 

Reviews will now be truncated if they’re too long in the overview. If they’re too long and get truncated they will show a little “Read the full review” link that brings you to a dedicated page for you awesome review!

You want an example? How about my review about one of my favorite games from 2022? New Pokémon Snap! But yeah, the main “feature” here is the much cleaner look of the front page (and in consequence the game pages).

The review form got a little update too. First the textarea: It now grows with the text so you don’t have to scroll these small two lines it was before. And a much requested feature got it’s first implementation: You can select which language you review is in. It’s currently restricted to the two languages Questlog itself offers for it’s interface.  The form also should behave much more consistent with Safari for iOS.

At the moment this just screen readers benefit from this because the text should now be marked in it’s correct language. In the future you will be able to translate reviews that are not in the language you’re understand.

I fixed and optimized some little things here and there that I won’t go too much in detail now. But here is the full changelog of what I call Version 0.4. (Version 0.2 and 0.3 were the search update and the search suggestion)


  • Reviews can’t be too long in the overview anymore
  • Added Ko‑fi Link to the footer ☕️❤️
  • It’s now possible to view all reviews of a single game
  • It’s now possible to view a single review
  • If there are no playlists for a game, there is no playlist headline anymore
  • It’s now possible to select in which language you write a review
  • The textarea for reviews and playlist descriptions now grows with it’s content
  • Changed the way the height is calculated for the review form
  • Star ratings have now the proper color in the form
  • Added noise texture to the background
  • Fixed wrong modal title if you edit a review
  • Optimized some caches
  • Added TERF-info on Wizard game
  • Optimized the Search Suggestion to be a bit less “sticky”