Questlog 0.25 — Fruit salad!

What the heck is this title you wonder? Well, I had a little problem to find time to develop awesome things for Questlog. My little toddler is on their way to two years and develops so fast, that Questlog develops a bit slower. Sorry for that. But well, what has this to do with fruit salad?

When I have no time to develop I use the GitHub app to sort my GitHub issues for Questlog. And after a while I had the idea of a new label called “low hanging fruits”. Stuff that is easily fixed, added, improved and so on. So I can take my MacBook, open the GitHub issues and filter after this label. Pick an issue and start. No searching, no “What do I today”, just picking some of your requests or things that bothered myself.

So: This update is just a fruit salad. No awesome new features, but a few small things I found time to optimize.

I’ll try to find a new way to get more time in Questlog. But the problem is: I started recently with Dave the Diver and this game is really REALLY awesome. So maybe you have to wait a bit longer for new features. 😅



  • It’s possible now to hide games without an image in game listings and search results


  • Error messages are now styled a bit better
  • Add language code to review items
  • Game Listings
    • The filter button in game listings is now always on top
    • Rearrange the filter button to be next to the clear button if it’s present on mobile
    • Optimize button naming for clear filter button
    • If games are filtered by something other than name the name is now the second order source
  • Added pagination to the playlist modal if the user has more playlists than fit on a page
  • The previous and next buttons of paginations now are only chevrons to save space
  • Game Updates in background should now much more reliable
  • Blocked some AI Scrapers… Nobody likes AI Scrapers
  • Dependency Updates


  • The game search suggestion has now the correct z-index again on mobile
  • The play status count in the navigation on user profiles is now always the count of the shown profile not of the current logged in user
  • The mobile search doesn’t overlay the main navigation anymore
  • Steam Import
    • The steam import doesn’t crash anymore if no playtime is present
    • If the Steam profile isn’t public a message is shown now
    • If the last played date is not available the play time is shown alone if it’s over 0